Dry Docking Repairs

To carry out the full range of dry docking repairs as follows,

  • All types of jobs related to shafting and propeller surveys, like recording clearances, renewal of stern tube bearings, shaft seals for both fixed and variable pitch propellers, Kort Nozzle Propellers, VSPs etc.
  • Overhauling of sea chest valves and all types of overboard valves.
  • Hull Steel repairs and renewals, pipe renewals etc during docking.
  • Surface preparation and painting of external hull during dry docking.



Afloat repairs

To mobilize the full compliment of personal and equipment and carry out steel and piping renewals inside tanks, hatch cover repairs, machinery and engine overhauling and repairs, removal and installation of machinery, both at along side lay up berths and at anchorage on supertankers, bulk carriers, container vessels, Tugs, Offshore supply vessels, Oil Rigs etc

Voyage repairs

To carryout voyage repairs as riding squads, for engine and machinery overhauls/repairs, steel and pipe renewals, hydraulic and control piping renewals, UHP and conventional blasting and painting of ballast water tanks on super tankers and various types of vessels.

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